Every long-awaited summer, my grandmother told me the story, our story “Your great-grandfather bought the farm from the châtelain de Saint-Thomé as a life annuity, it was his summer residence” and always in smiling she said to me “he paid twice as little for it, the lord died at 100 years old… Then in 1967, a Dutch family arrived on our land, the De Boer family, kindly the mother asked us if they could stayed a few days along the river (they stayed 3 weeks), she fell in love with the view of the cliff. The Father tamed your grandfather, he spent his days following him in the orchard, the vineyard, the garden. The mother, filled with wonder, stayed by my side when I concocted small or even large dishes. And their children ran around and had fun with your mother and your aunt”.

Years later, from Rose to Romy, the farm was transformed into a campsite: the orchard welcomes campers, the basins of the mill have become swimming pools, the dining room, the restaurant, the fields the area of wooden games, the stables a disco. But the soul is still there, the family spirit and our legendary chestnut tree. The campsite took place with our 3 generations while preserving our mother see our grandmother Nature. The essential.


Our philosophy: holidays in full awareness, the praise of simplicity, slowing down, questioning one’s impatience, giving meaning to the gesture, to vital needs, favoring the present moment with the family or with oneself. In our lives at 100 an hour, keeping it simple is not necessarily easy, so let yourself be tempted by a Slow life vacation with humor and Love.

“Local is global”